My Farm Life

My Farm Life

It's a typical, casual, farm-themed time management game
3.3  (15 votes)

Since there are so many farm-themed time management games on the market, I must admit I wasn't exactly thrilled that I had to check another one. Happily, My Farm Life wasn't fully fitting the low expectations. It's a farm-themed time management game with typical traits indeed, but it also has its distinctions. First, the storyline is quite cute, although rather ridiculous now and then. You play as Lisa, the star of a new TV show in which she is required to take care of a farm, although she has no experience in farming. Therefore you will have to plant and harvest crops, take care of farm animals, purchase new equipment and upgrades, and so on.

Another good aspect of My Farm Life is that the levels are short and easy to complete, which makes the game quite addictive especially for beginners who don't mind being fed easy rewards in order to have their interest kept at high levels. The more hardcore players will probably be disappointed by the simplicity of this game, as it quite obviously lacks being challenging.

The graphics are cartoon-like, not very sophisticated but colorful and cute. It's above average when it comes to visual appeal, compared to similar farm-themed time management games.

To sum it all up, My Farm Life is a nice game, though not exactly original when it comes to its main theme and the adopted genre. Casual players will enjoy it more likely rather than experienced, hardcore gamers.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Colorful visuals
  • Cute storyline
  • Can be played in both full screen and windowed mode


  • Too simple and lacking being challenging
  • Unoriginal theme
  • Doesn't support resizing the game window to specific resolutions
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